Hopeful Production

Hopeful Production is a PA rental company specialize in small scale activities. In addition to technicians, we are also event organizers and music performers. Putting ourselves in your position, we understand the needs of professional equipments and services desipte of limited budget.

Our goal is to provide close communication and great service from organizing to the ending of your events.

Hopeful Production PA System Rental

Working Experience

Thanks all companies and organizations that have chosen our service. We have been to many different places to provide PA rental services in wedding, 100-day birthday, annual dinner, street exhibition, singing comtest and musical performance.

Our clients include private customers, village organizations, non-governmental organizations to large scale companies. We have experience in handling different financial and administrational requirements.

Hopeful Production Diversified Working Experience

Behringer X32 Producer

Hopeful Production adops Behringer X32 producer in their mixing system. It is a revolutionary product by the famous Germany brand, Behringer. Compare with other traditional mixers, it can be controlled wirelessly through wifi. Soundmen are no longer bounded to stay with this mixer. This can let them tune the sound under the same listening environment with the audiences.

The integrated motorized faders and digital system allow us to save the best settings during your rehearsal. During the show time, these settings could be loaded immediately to the whole sound system.

Behringer XR18 X-Air Rental

Shure BLX4R Beta58A

Hopeful Production's wireless microphones are all Shure BLX4R Beta58A Wireless Handheld Vocal Set. Shure is an international brand widely chosen by megastars. Beta58A Wireless Handheld Vocal Set is used as an industrial standard in most public speaking venues and stage performances.

This vocal set is designed to prevent feedback. Moreover, the Beta58A can even be used in 100 feet range under rough signal transmitting conditions. With this, you can move freely, and enjoy your worry-free performance with your audiences.

Sennheiser XSW-35 Rental

Samson Auro X12D

Hopeful Production's loudspeakers are all Samson Auro X12D. The U.S. famous brand Samson is specialised in producing serious audio equipment. The loudspeaker use the most efficient Class D amplification technology, it can produce up to 1000W power, only with its 12-inch drive. In most occasions, it can strike the balance between clarity and weighty bass.

Digital Equalizer and Compressor

With a 100 band Real Time Analyser and a 31 band digital equalizer, feedback can be prevented easily. You can enjoy a smooth event without worrying those sickening feedback.

We know you might not be trained in using microphones, so that the volume consistency in the PA cannot be easily maintained. Relax, the digital compressor can save the day seamlessly in a blink. With this, your voice can be delivered with efficiency, since every audience can catch everything from you.

Samson X12D Rental